The Basics

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Join one of our trainers, Paige, in this e-learning video as she covers the basics of eyelash extensions.
This guide is perfect for someone that is newly qualified, or an eyelash technician that is looking for a

We go into detail in the following subjects;

  • Shampooing – How to shampoo the lashes properly, and what aftercare advice to give clients.
  • Priming – When and when not to prime lashes to create the ideal bonding surface for the lash extension to attach to.
  • Eye Pad & Tape Application – How to apply eye pads and tape correctly to the eye.
  • Glue basics – What important factors there are to consider when choosing a lash adhesive, and how to store the glue correctly.
  • Lengths, Thicknesses & Curls – The difference between lashes and how to choose the right lengths, thicknesses and curls.
  • Perfect isolation vs poor isolation – Techniques and best practices for isolating lashes for application.
  • Good and bad fan making – Learn various methods to create fans, and the difference between narrow and wide fans.
  • Lash alignment and placement – How to properly apply a lash extension to ensure perfect retention for your clients.
  • Lash removal – How to safely remove eyelash extensions fully, or how to remove certain lashes for an infill appointment.

Please note: This e-learning course will not give you any qualification, and it is not an accredited

Intro Shampooing Lashes Priming Eye Pad and Tape Application Glue Basics Lengths, Thicknesses and Curls Perfect Isolation vs Poor Isolation Good and Bad Fan Making Lash Alignment and Placement Removal Outro