Styling & Mapping

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Join one of our trainers, Paige, in this e-learning video as she covers all aspects of styling for eyelash extensions. This guide is perfect for someone that is newly qualified in Russian lashes, or an eyelash technician that is looking to build on their already established skills. We go into detail in the following subjects;

Eye Shapes – Learn about the different eye shapes that your client’s may have.

How to Style the Various Eye Shapes – How best to style the eye shape to minimise any imperfections to the eye shape.

Styling with Lengths and Curls – Learn about the effect that different lengths and curls will achieve.

How to Map Out an Eye – How to map out an eye to give you the foundational points for lash mapping.

Standard Lash Maps – Learn how and when to use Cat Eye, Open Eye, Doll Eye and Squirrel lash maps.

Advanced Lash Maps – Learn how to create Spiked, Eyeliner, Wet Lash and Angel lash sets.

Layering the Lashes – How to isolate various layers of lashes to help with isolation and creating creative sets.

Coloured Lashes and Creative Sets – Explore the different ways you can use colour to make more creative sets.

Bottom Lash Sets – Learn how to style and apply bottom eyelash extensions.

Half Lash Sets – Find out how to create half set lashes by blending eyelash tinting, classic application and Russian fan application. 

Please note: This e-learning course will not give you any qualification, and it is not an accredited

Intro Eye Shapes How to Style Various Eye Shapes Styling with Lengths & Curls How To Map Out An Eye Standard Lash Maps (Part 1) Standard Lash Maps (Part 2) Advanced Lash Maps (Part 1) Advanced Lash Maps (Part 2) Layering the Lashes (Part 1) Layering the Lashes (Part 2) Coloured Lashes & Creative Sets Bottom Lash Sets (Part 1) Bottom Lash Sets (Part 2) Half Lash Sets Outro