How do I book onto a Pinkfishes training course?
All of the Pinkfishes training courses can be booked online via our website –, or you can give us a call on 01245 475912 and book with us over the phone.

Do I have to pay the full balance when I book?

Depending on the date of the course you book, you do not have to pay the full balance when booking on to the course. If the course is within a week, then you will need to pay the full balance. However, if it is further in advance, you can secure the course booking with just a £50 deposit. When booking online you can also use our Klarna or Payl8r options to split up the payments, but you will need to select the full payment to be given these options.

When is the remaining balance due if I only paid a deposit?

The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to the course date. You will be sent a reminder email from us when it is due with a link on it. This can be paid by going online to or by calling us on 01245 475912.

Do you have payment plans to break up the payments for the course?

Yes, you can use Klarna or PayL8r to break up your course balance. Simply select the full payment option at checkout to view the Klarna and PayL8r options. Then select your preference to then be redirected to their site for your application.

Do your courses come with a kit?

All of our training courses come with a full kit included. However, our refresher and mentoring sessions do not include a kit. They can however be purchased additionally from or in store on the day.

What is included with each of your courses?

With each course you will get your lunch included on the day, a full kit worth between £75 and £160, a 15% discount code to use on Pinkfishes products for the first 3 months, lifetime support with the training team and 1-2 hours free 1-2-1 mentoring session with one of the trainers after you have completed the course.

I haven’t received my booking confirmation email?

We aim to send your confirmation email within 24 working hours of receiving your booking. If it has been longer than this, send an email in to stating that you haven’t received your email and we will get it resent to you. Please take weekends into consideration as our office hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Who are your courses accredited by?

All of our courses are accredited by Professional Beauty Direct.

Making changes to your booking

I cannot attend my course, can I reschedule?

Yes, you can reschedule your course date free of charge up to 72 hours (3 days) prior to the course. However, if you did need to reschedule within the 72 hours, you will be charged a £50 administrative fee.

Can I cancel my course and have a refund?

Yes, if your course was booked within 14 days, you can get a full refund on any course that was booked.

If you wanted to cancel after the 14 days, your booking fee will be held, however the remaining funds will be refunded back to your original method of payment.

Any courses cancelled within 72 hours of the course date, will be entitled to a 50% refund of the cost of the course.

My model can no longer attend, do I need to cancel or reschedule my course?

If you are let down by a model or are struggling to find one for your course day, let us know. With as much notice as possible we may be able to provide a model for you, however this is never guaranteed. It is always best to find yourself a model that you can rely on so that it doesn’t impact your learning.

If you, and we, are unable to find a model, we can reschedule your course to a future date as per the rescheduling policy stated above.

Preparing for your course

Do I need to do anything beforehand to prepare?

There is no theory work that you will need to prepare beforehand, this will all be covered on the day.

Do I need to bring models?

Yes, you will need to provide your own models. Depending on the course you are booked on to, you may need more than one. It will state how many you need on the website, and you will also be told in your confirmation email.

Do I need to patch test before the course?

Yes, once you have booked onto you course, you will receive a patch test to test your models prior to your course date. Please complete this as soon as you receive it to ensure that the product hasn’t dried out, but at least 48 hours prior to your course.

How can I find you?

We are based in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex. If you put the address Units 6-8 The Bringey, CM2 7JW into your Sat-Nav and follow the directions it will bring you right to our door. Look out for signs to the Baddow Antique Centre, and then you will see this turning off of the main road:

Don’t worry, there is plenty of parking. You can either park in front of our door where there should be a few spaces. But if not, follow the road round for plenty more spaces where you can park for free for the day.

What do I need to wear?

Anything that you feel comfortable in. We don’t have a dress code for our course days, but just ask that you make sure you are in something that you will be comfortable sitting in all day. You will be spending a lot of time focusing on the new knowledge you are taking in and creating beautiful lashes and brows – so make sure something as silly as your clothing isn’t distracting you! There is a small chance you may get glue or tint on your clothes, so wear something you don’t mind getting damaged just in case.

What happens on the course day?

It will slightly vary depending on the course you are booked on to, however all of our courses will start off by covering the theory part in the morning. It’s always best to get that done in the morning when you are fresh minded! Then we move on to practicing the new techniques you will have learnt, either on a mannequin head or on a live model (depending on the course). Then, after lunch you will be working on a live model for the remainder of the course.

After the course

How long will it take to get feedback on my case studies?

Our trainers aim to get back to your case study as soon as possible, but we usually say that it will be within 3 working days. Please bear in mind that our trainers do work different days throughout the week and so aren’t available every day. However, there will always be someone in the office to help if you did have a query or question. Please also take into consideration that you will not get a response on a weekend as our office hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday.

In some cases, your email may not have made it to us, so if you haven’t heard from us, please do give us a call on 01245 475912 to follow it up.

When will I receive my certificate?

As soon as you have completed and passed the case studies set by your trainer on your course day, you will receive your certificate in the post. They are sent first class via Royal Mail so should be with you within 1-3 working days, however we ask that you allow 5-7 days before getting in touch as sometimes they can get a little held up in the post!

How do I book in my free mentoring hour?

Book in for your mentoring by giving us a call in the office on 01245 475912, or by emailing us at We have limited availability so make sure to get in touch as far in advance as possible with your availability so that we can be sure to get you booked in.

Where do I send my case studies to?

Send your case studies in to and make sure to put your trainer’s name in the subject to ensure we know who needs to get back to you.

Will I need insurance?

As soon as you have passed and received your certificate in any beauty treatment, you will need to get insurance. This is so that both you and your clients are covered should any accidents happen. It is a legal requirement to have insurance in place as a qualified technician, so if you are charging money for a treatment, you have to be covered under an insurance policy. You can get yourself insured with Pinkfishes today, from only £5.55 a month. For more information, and to get yourself a quote, head over to the Insurance page on our website.

Eyelash Extensions

How many eyelashes are applied per application?

Between 90-120 eyelashes per eye will be applied throughout the treatment, depending on the look you want to achieve.

How long do a set of extensions last?

If the lashes are applied correctly, they should last as long as the natural hair does – and depending on what stage the eyelash is in the lash cycle, the extension can last anywhere up to 4 weeks. If you want to maintain a full looking set, you will need an infill every 2-3 weeks.

Will I need to register as self-employed and get an accountant?

Yes, if you are going to be working under your own name/business, you will need to register as self-employed. You can get in touch with an accountant who will be able to advise on how to declare your earnings etc, or you can look into doing this yourself.

How much can I charge for classic lashes?

We would highly recommend researching technicians in your local area and basing your pricing on the average. You want to remain competitive in your area, but also ensure you do not under charge too.

How do I build my clientele?

To begin with, it’s good to build your confidence, technique and speed on friends and family. This way you will also get lots of pictures to market yourself on social media. Then as word of mouth starts to spread your clientele will start to build. You can also use introductory offers, or giveaways to entice people in. Read our blog on ways to increase your clientele here.

Can anyone offer eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions should only be applied by trained professionals. Make sure that your technician is certified by an accredited training academy and has the correct insurance to cover the treatment.

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No, eyelash extensions that have been applied properly will not damage your natural lashes. If they feel uncomfortable it is important that you never remove the lashes yourself, and you go to a trained professional to get them removed. It is also just as important NOT to pick or pull the extensions, as this will cause damage to your natural lashes.

How long will it take me to complete a set of Classic Eyelash Extensions?

When starting out, it’s completely normal for a set of lashes with full coverage to take 3-4 hours to complete. The more you practice, the faster you will get, until one day it will likely only take you 1.5-2.5 hours to complete a full set. Just remember that your clients will appreciate quality, over speed – so don’t rush through your sets to make it quicker. Take your time and make sure every lash is applied perfectly before moving on to the next one.