Become an Affiliated Trainer

Have you ever thought of becoming a trainer?

There is huge demand for beauty and hair training courses which is why we have now made it easier for you to further your career. By completing this teaching certification, you will be able to start training in your chosen field. The only requirement is that you will need to hold qualifications in the nail, beauty, hairdressing, or holistic treatments you wish to teach, which you must have held for a minimum of 6 months.

This teaching course is completely online and run by The Guild. Once finished, you will gain a GTI Award which is fully recognised and accredited by the Guild and is fully insurable by them and other companies. Once purchased you will be enrolled and will receive an email to activate your course. You will then be asked to create an account or log in to an existing account to be able to access the course through a portal where everything is completed.

Course Content

First your will be asked to read through the theory manuals in the modules detailed below, you will then be tested on these through a series of multiple-choice questions. After completion you will be required to submit a lesson plan accompanied with a video of yourself delivering a micro teach session (no longer than 15 minutes).

Module List

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers and Trainers
  • Legislation, Regulatory Requirements and Codes of Practice
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Identifying and Meeting Individual Learner Needs
  • Maintaining a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment
  • Promoting Acceptable Behaviour and Respect
  • Understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals in education and training.
  • Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches
  • Teaching and Learning Approaches
  • Meeting Individual Learner Needs and Motivation
  • Developing Literacy, Communication, Numeracy, ICT and Wider Skills
  • Types and Methods of Assessment
  • Assessment Methods
  • Involving Learners and Others in Assessment Process
  • Sources of Information in the Assessment Process
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Assessment Records
  • Microteach

How Long Will It Take?

This course can usually be completed within one week however we do not have a time constraint as you have a full year to complete the course. We recommend approximately 40 hours of studying and delivery of your micro teach session.

Why use Pinkfishes?

Not only will you become fully qualified as a trainer in your chosen field, but Pinkfishes offer some other great perks to assist you on your training journey.

  • Student Kits

We can provide discounted kits for your students which can be customised to include the products you want. Not only can you choose from all of our Pinkfishes products, but we also offer a private labelling service for you to create your own branded adhesives and liquids. Included in each kit is a 15% discount for your students to use for 3 months on our Pinkfishes products online and in store.

  • Observing our courses

After completing your online course if you want in person experience observing a training session come and sit in on one of our classes. This will demonstrate the general layout of our training and give you the opportunity to ask questions to one of our trainers on their experience and recommendations. Our courses are run at our Essex Training School in Chelmsford.

Start Your New Journey Today

Please note; you will need to hold qualifications in the nail, beauty, hairdressing or holistic treatments you wish to teach.

This course is fully insurable by The Guild and other companies.

Fully recognised and accredited by The Guild.