Learn how to use Classic and Pre-Fanned lashes professionally to create a set of Hybrid lashes as a complete beginner. There are no entry requirements for this course.

From this course you will be able to offer 3 types of lash sets; Classic, Pre-fanned Volume and Hybrid.

Hybrid lashes are getting increasingly popular, and the demand is getting higher to be able to offer this treatment confidently. You will learn how to use a mix of both the Classic and Pre-Fanned lashes to create a set.

On the day you will be given a kit worth over £150.00 to be able to complete a further 3-5 sets of lashes. This course is run from 9.30am-4.30pm on a one day basis. Lunch is included on the day.

Models are arranged by you and will be required in the afternoon from 12.30pm. You will be sent a patch test for your model which needs to be done a minimum of 24 hours prior to the course date.

Our courses are kept small, with a maximum of 4 people per course to ensure each student can gain the time needed and learn on more of a 1-2-1 basis with the trainer. This enables us to meet each individuals needs. All of our students will receive a 15% discount code for pinkfishes.com for 3 months after passing the course to help them along their new journey with products. You will also receive a free 1 hour mentoring session to be taken within 3 months upon completion of the course to help with any further questions you may have. All students will also receive a 10% discount on all future courses booked with us.

Your kit includes;

1 Box of Classic Lashes

1 Boxes of Pro-Made Lashes (Approx 800 fans)

2 Tweezers

Pink Radical
Pink Creation
Pink Liquefy
Eye gel pads
Mascara brushes
Microfibre brushes
Micropore tape
Air blower
Jade stone
Client record cards
Aftercare card
Training manual
Kit box


This course is fully accredited by Professional Beauty Direct.

On the course day you will learn how to safely apply both types of eyelash extensions, learn about Anatomy and Physiology of the hair, removal techniques, eye mapping and much, much more.

You will be applying a full set of eyelashes in the afternoon of the course to ensure you are comfortable and confident at this treatment.

All of our students will have lifetime support from the Pinkfishes Team.

Disclaimer; We do not accept any liabilities for the purchase of inadequate insurance cover following completion of our training courses.

Potential Earnings As An Eyelash Technician

Hours Per Day Daily Earnings Weekly Earnings Monthly Earnings Annual Earnings
2 £50 £250 £1,000 £12,000
4 £100 £500 £2,000 £24,000
6 £150 £750 £3,000 £36,000
8 £200 £1,000 £4,000 £48,000

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Whether you are looking to change careers or are wanting to go over your skills, the Pinkfishes Trainers have the knowledge and passion to make this happen for you.

Pay a deposit of £50.00 per item

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