What are Angel Lashes?

Angel lashes are a new trend that are becoming more and more popular. They are essentially a soft, light and wispy set of classics – three words not usually used to describe a set of classics! They are great for clients that are looking for a soft and natural look but want to add some extra length or volume to their natural lashes.

Angel lashes are created using 0.03 Mega Volume Lashes. 3-5 lashes are used as a spiked/closed fan and applied in the same way a classic lash is applied to the natural lash, creating a wispy effect. The technique is extremely similar to the ‘wet lash’ technique, but much lighter to mimic the depth of a set of classics.
As you are applying more than 1 extension to each lash, the extensions create a wrap around the natural lash. This means that Angel lashes tend to last longer than the standard classic lashes and so are great for clients that may struggle with retention.

Top tip: use your Pink Creation primer on a Microfibre Stick to run some product along the top of the strip & brush through with a Mascara Brush to create small spikes along the strip. This will then make it much easier and quicker for you to pick up the spikes of lashes. *Note: this can also speed up the curing time of your glue.

How do I style a set of Angel Lashes?

Angel lashes are perfect for a client who loves the look of classic lashes, but is looking for something a little lighter and wispier. This style will suit most eye shapes and most mapping styles, however due the lighter, more natural effect of this style of lashes, it would go perfectly with an open eye or doll eye map. For this particular set, we have used a doll eye lash map, in lengths 9-13mm. This really compliments our model’s eye shape and gives a subtle opening effect by bringing the length of the extensions upwards towards the arch of the eyebrow.

This new trend of lash extensions gives you so much freedom to play around and be creative, and creates a beautifully natural look – which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Have you tried this trend yet? Don’t forget to tag us in your sets @pinkfisheslashco!

For more styling tips, why not take a look at our newest e-learning blog – available soon!

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