What to expect from one of our Pinkfishes Training Courses

At Pinkfishes HQ, based in Chelmsford Essex, we offer a massive range of beauty training courses from lash extensions to brow lamination. Our team of highly experienced trainers, with over 45+ years of combined experience, are here to guide you through the process and help you learn a new treatment to offer to your clients. So let’s take a look at what exactly happens when you book a course with us, and what your day will look like when attending a training course here at Pinkfishes. 

When you first book a course with us at Pinkfishes, you can either book your space by paying a £50 deposit, or by paying the full balance. *Finance options available* Once you have booked your space, you will receive an email from one of our team sending you all the details about your course day. Keep an eye out for this email as it can sometimes go into your Junk folder! This email will include information like; address, timings for you and your model(s), patch test information and FAQs. Make sure to read this email fully before attending your course! 

You will then receive your patch test in the post (this can take a few days to arrive). This is so that you can test your models for any allergies to the products you will be using on the day. It is SO important that you do this, at least 24-48 hours before your course. We recommend that you do the patch test as soon as it arrives with you however, to prevent it from drying out. Once you have patch-tested them, ask your model to sign the little card that arrived with the patch test & bring this with you on the day of your course. 

On your course day, make sure to arrive on time or 5-10 minutes early to ensure we can have a prompt start. There is so much information to get through on the day, so getting started on time is super important. You will see this building when you first turn into The Bringey… 

This is Pinkfishes HQ! Park up on the front, or if this is full you can drive around the back where there is additional parking. All parking is free and unallocated so park wherever you can! Once parked, you can enter Pinkfishes via the big black front door. 

One of the lovely Pinkfishes team members will greet you at the reception desk & you just need to let them know your name and that they are booked on to the course. They will then guide you through to the training room …

Here you will find 4 treatment beds to choose from & this will be your home for the day. Each bed will have a manual, discount card & your kit for the day (unless it is your 2nd day). If it is your 2nd day, make sure to bring your kit back in with you!  You will be offered a drink and shown where the toilets & water fountain are, should you need them. Your lunch order will then be taken and the course will start! 

All of our courses begin with going through the manual and covering the theory first. Depending on the course depends on how long this goes on for, but it’s generally between 30-90 minutes. Then we move onto practicing the techniques for that treatment. This varies for each course so let’s look at the main categories below: 

  • Lash Extensions Course: You will continue on from the theory by practicing the techniques on a mannequin head first. This will continue for the rest of the morning until you break for lunch. Then after lunch, your models will arrive and you will complete the treatment for the duration of the afternoon – using all of the techniques you learnt in the morning session. 
  • Lash Lift Course: Once going through the theory, your trainer will explain how the treatment is going to run. Then your first model will arrive. Your trainer will then go through each step with you slowly to ensure you master each technique before moving on to the next step. They will guide you through it, so you don’t worry about doing anything wrong to begin with! Then, once complete you will break for lunch. After lunch, your 2nd model will arrive and you will complete the same treatment again, using everything you learnt that morning. Your trainer will still be there to guide you, however this treatment will be a lot more independent to show that you have taken everything from the morning on board. 
  • Eyebrow Course: Our eyebrow courses run very similarly to the way that our lash lift courses run. If you are booked onto a shaping course, you will often be asked to practice mapping the brows with the other students on the course – taking turns to work on each other. Don’t worry though, this is just with pencil and so can be wiped off very easily.  Then your first model will arrive and your trainer will then go through each step with you slowly to ensure you master each technique before moving on to the next step. Once complete, you will break for lunch & then complete the treatment again on your 2nd model in the afternoon session. 

Depending on which course you have completed, you may be issued your certificate on the day. However this is completely dependent on the trainer’s personal judgment of your work on the day, and dependent on how many models you have completed. If you have only had 1 model on the day we will ALWAYS ask you for further case studies. If we have asked you for further case studies, we will always give you feedback for things to work on for your next case study. 

If you have been asked for more than 1 case study, ALWAYS send them in 1 at a time. This gives the trainers a chance to look through it and give you some constructive feedback, allowing you to improve for your next set. Otherwise, you may not understand how to fix the things you are doing wrong and risk being asked for even more case studies than originally asked for. 

We will only pass you if we are confident that you are completing the treatment well and safely. We understand that you’re only just starting out, so will never be expecting your case studies to be perfect. However we do need to ensure that all the basics are covered and we will always give you feedback and tips on how to improve your treatment to ensure you become the best (with some practice of course!). 

There is never a time limit to send in your case studies, but the quicker you do, the quicker you’ll pass. We will never fail you on the course either – we want to get you passed off as much as you do! So if you are struggling with getting the treatment right via case studies, we will always invite you back to spend time with the trainer. We pride ourselves on a 100% pass rate… even if life does get in the way and it ends up taking you longer to pass than you’d have hoped! 

So, not only will you always have the lifetime support of the Pinkfishes Team – what else will you get out of one of our courses? 

Every student will receive a 15% discount card that can be used on any full priced Pinkfishes products. This discount lasts for 3 months after your course and can be used in-store or online. 

You will also receive 1 hour of FREE 1-2-1 Mentoring with one of our experienced trainers. This can cover anything you wish to go over, and can be combined with purchased mentoring sessions if you did feel you wanted longer than 1 hour. If you have booked multiple courses with us, you can also combine your free sessions from each course to bag yourself a longer session too. 

On the day, you will also be given your training kit, which includes everything you need to get started in the new treatment. Depending on the course you book, your kit could be worth up to £200+. *Note: eyebrow wax kits are not included, however equipment is provided on the day for use, and we will recommend suppliers for you. 

Lunch is also provided on the day, and this usually entails a hot or cold sandwich with your choice of filling *allergen dependent*. If you do have any dietary requirements, make sure to let us know so we can provide you with alternative options. Hot drinks and water are also provided throughout the day to keep you hydrated! 

Now you know everything to expect on one of Pinkfishes Training Courses, what’s stopping you from getting booked onto a course?! Click here to see our full range of courses available. 

Ok ok… I can see that you are still unsure,  but maybe a discount code will help sway you? Use code BLOG15 to get 15% off any of our courses*. This can only be used once though – so if you are looking to train in more than 1 treatment, make sure to book them all at once to make use of the discount! Deposit and finance options are available. *T&Cs apply, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 

So now what’s really stopping you? We hope to see you soon on one of our courses! 

Any questions, just pop them in the comments below! Xx

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